My name at birth was Jetziba Gonzalez. I’m a Libra Sun and Moon with a Scorpio rising.. I am an Afro-Latina from Mexico City, raised in Chicago, Illinois. I’ve been shooting film since I was a kid. My parents had this Vivitar point + shoot that I’d claimed as my own after a few years. My favorite subjects to shoot are live bands and people who identify as women.  After graduating Lane Tech High School as an art major, I moved to New York City where I attended Parsons School Of Design as a Photography Major.  After living in NYC for about 8 years, Since moving back to Chicago, I decided to use my spiritual gifts to help others by providing tarot and astrological readings. As a Libra, it’s fulfilling to be able to listen & understand others and give them a feeling of clarity & guidance in their own lives. When I read a strangers cards, that’s when I’m reassured that the Universal Energies are on my side and relaying their messages through my work everyday.  Check out reviews and pricing here.


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