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Client Reviews:

I met Jetzi during a very trying transition in my life. Magical and magnetic, it was one of those moments where you know the universe is looking out for you. I reached a point where I felt like I needed to make some changes in my life—drastic ones. Naturally, I sought out my friend of familiar frequencies and asked if she could read my cards for me. I walked away from that reading with my shattered hope put back together, ready for the journey before me. I was the Magician, with the tools at my fingertips to make manifest my own destiny. I’ve been the Hanging Man, making the most of my circumstances. The Wheel of Fortune is so close I can taste it. Each card we drew has literally come to life before my eyes. I started this journey as the Fool: my head to the sky with nothing but faith. Faith in the universe, faith in myself. If it turns out that the world isn’t mystical, at the very least I know that I am. Soon after Jetzi’s reading I went on a much needed get away and never went home. Needless to say, I’ve been living my best life with my heart leading the way. Maybe I manifested it myself but I can’t help but believe how intuitive she was in predicting that I would reach my fullest potential despite the challenges I would face. I think of Jetz’ reading almost every single day. Every time the universe winks at me, every time I receive a blessing, I think of my Brujita friend telling me that the World is in my reach. Maybe it’s a tad corny but I honestly don’t know how else to describe that experience aside from purely magical.“
-Cristine C.

I found myself stuck in one of life’s crossroads seeking direction and understanding of “what’s next” until I came to Jetzi. Through her benevolent demeanor and precise readings I was able to open up and fully grasp the obstacles and blessings placed in my life. Not only do I have a better sense of who I am, but I now hold the confidence that is necessary to actually trust my process. That being said, without Jetzi’s moving reading I would probably still be stuck in the crossroad. Don’t think twice and consult Jetzi about a reading. She’s kind, articulate and her reading’s are spot on!” 
-Chantelle V. 

Jetzi has made me tear up on multiple occasions from literally blowing my mind on how connected she is with her readings. It really has opened my mind to accepting the world for what it is and has allowed me to trust the direction I am going. Truly life changing in the best way, there really aren’t any other words to describe it.
-Elise S. 

These readings are always in-depth, intuitive & on point! Jetzi is the definition of an empath, and is so easy to connect with. The way she reads is incredibly intuitive and thorough. No matter how many cards you need, she will read you to the tee! I love her! And have become her regular, calling for periodic sessions.”
-Miko J.

Jetzi was very insightful and accurate with my reading.  She was very patient with all of my questions.  I just had a baby and felt lost in certain parts of my life journey which was frustrating.  Jetzi gave me clarity on the personal issues I was dealing with.  I highly recommend her and will continue seeing her for readings!  I got what I needed to move forward and thank you for guiding me there mentally and spiritually!
-Rita B.